Examinations Under Oath (EUO)

Dutton Law Group is dedicated to defending claims involving medical fraud and abuse. In order to tackle those issues we are regularly called upon to conduct examinations under oath (EUO). We understand the importance of EUOs. Accordingly, we have a dedicated EUO program. With offices in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale, we are staffed to handle your EUOs throughout the state! Our program provides the following services:

  • We initiate contact with the insured or their attorney within 24 hours of the assignment to set the EUO.
  • We will set the EUO within 48 hours of the assignment.
  • We will conduct the EUO within 30 days or less as need requires.
  • We will confer with you before the EUO to assure we fully understand the issues.
  • We will report on the EUO within 48 hours after its completion.


For further information call (813)-247-2222.