Presentations by Firm Attorneys at FIFEC 2016

Presentation: “The Florida PIP Statute—That Was Then-This Is Now”

Presented by: Scott W. Dutton, Hayes Wood and James Rinaman, III

Date Presented: Thursday June 9, 2016

On Thursday June 9, 2016, Scott Dutton was joined by attorney Hayes Wood of Wood & Associates and attorney James Rinaman III of Rinaman & Associates, PA, for the presentation entitled: “The Florida PIP Statute—That Was Then-This Is Now.” In addition to providing an overview of and notable changes to the Florida No-Fault Law, this intermediate level discussion focused considerable attention on current trends and developments in the law and the handling of no-fault claims.

Presentation: “The Adjuster’s Toolbox”

Presented by: Kimberly A. Sandefer, Kathryn J. Strobach, Raul L. Tano and Anthony L. Tolgyesi

Date Presented: Friday June 10, 2016
This intermediate program provided both a historical overview of Florida Statute 627.736, as well as recent case law developments and was designed to help insurance adjusters answer frequently asked questions about sending proper §627.736 (6)(b) requests for information, getting the most out of independent medical examinations and utilization or peer reviews, ensuring examinations under oath are properly conducted and documented, and determining if providers are qualified to bill for PIP benefits.

You may download a pdf copy of the PowerPoint presentation for this program by clicking on the following link:
You will need a password to access the program. Insurance adjusters may obtain the password by sending a request via our online form. You will need to provide your name and adjuster license number. The online form is linked here:

Presentation: “The Rise of Glass Claims in Florida”

Presented by: Steven T. Sock, Esquire

Date Presented: Friday June 10, 2016

This intermediate program provided practical strategies and tools for adjusters and attorneys to defend the growing number of glass claims in the State of Florida, providing substantive information on current case law and statutes and analogous arguments to be made in the absence of on-point law. If you missed this informative session please feel free to email Mr. Sock for information at .